About our Bags

Our Isotherm Bags

Our isolated bags are made of soft strong nylon on the outside with a soft lining on the inside. Storage is simple because the bags are collapsible.

Cleaning is best done with a lukewarm wet cloth. Unheated bags can also be placed in a lukewarm  washing machine. However, the wear is greater.

Our European manufacturer complies with all European health requirements. The 12-volt heating is thermally protected while the 230V AC power adapter is equipped with the CE certificate. The power of the bags is 100 Watt.

Metal internal frames are also available In the webshops to prevent collapsing the bag if it is not completely filled.

The warranty period is 6 months at normal use. The closures and mechanical damage to plugs or cables are excluded from warranty.

Caution: If the cable or cigarette lighter plug becomes hot, clean the lighter plug in the car or polish it as soon as possible. Heating is often caused by poor contact.

The material used is on the outside CODURA 600 and on the inside: ORTALION FABRIC "SILVER" 100% POLYESTER WITH SILVER COVER

Frame stiffening ensures stiffness of our bags when not completely filled, thanks to which pizza or lunches will reach the customer intact. The frame is built of wires connected with sheets, thanks to which it can be folded for transport purposes, which also facilitates easy storage

Bags are adapted to operation in 12-V systems, which guarantees saving time and money as well as enables improving the quality of your service. The product will reach a customer hot, and not devoid of tastes. It ensures the possibility of maintaining the temperature within 65 degrees C
12 Volt Heating

Our 230V > 12V Adapters have Declarations of Conformity and Electromagnetic Compatibility – CE European Safety Mark.
Adapter voorverwarming

If you need a non-standard bag, with a given size, in a given color with your logo: we make the impossible possible straight
away, and in the case of miracles, we just have to think for a moment.
Private Label/Logo


Additional Information (varies per model):

# Overlapping Velcro flaps at the top for safely and easy closing of the bag. Adjustable according to the content (depending on the model).

# Extra Velcro closures, on both sides for better closure.

# Very strong and easy to clean material. The outside is made of strong thermo insulating material while the inside is made of flexible nylon.

# Unique are the removable heating elements (pads). The heating is powered by the 12 Volt cigarette lighter in the car. A cable with a cigarette lighter plug is included with the heated bag. The power of the heating is 100 watt.

# A 230 volt to 12 volt adapter is available for preheating the bags (see the webshop)

# Transparent waterproof pocket for address details.

# Side compartments on the outside for transporting bottles / cans (depending on the model).

# Bags fabricated as a backpack have adjustable and lined shoulder straps, a reinforced back and a reinforced frame. The pizza bags are produced in different sizes, with or without heating, and can accommodate 4-5 pizza boxes.

Customize the color color and text or logo to your requirements:

You can order the bags in the colors of the pictures. Just send us an email with the desired version, types and numbers, and we'll send you a quote. There are usually no extra costs.
It is possible to design a label with your logo or name. We can embroider this logo on the bag (no printing). Request a quote with desired text and number.

Delivery time is approximately 1-3 weeks and the order will be executed after receiving your payment


Our Yellow Moose bags are developed and produced in Valkenswaard, in our own workshop.
The YELLOW series consists of a series of delivery bags with a black body with yellow striping.

The bags are made of sturdy Polyester with Nylon, a soft lining, and good insulation all around.

The Yellow Moose is followed by the GREEN MOOSE and BLUE MOOSE models.